Auf diesen Bildern sehen Sie: Den Großensee heute, den Großensee in den 60er Jahren, einen alten Hof, den Dorfkrug, das Freibad Großensee

Großensee / Hamburg

Großsee-HamburgGroßensee is a traditional recreational resort for tourists. After you leave the vibrant metropolis Hamburg you pass horse ranches, raps and corn fields until you finally reach after 11 km the picturesque village Großensee. The name of the village is derived from the lake Großensee – with 75 hectare the biggest lake in the region. The lake Großensee is not only considered to be one of Hamburg’s most attractive bathing resorts – it is also one of the most beautiful and cleanest lakes of Northern Germany. Glaciers of the Ice Age with its snowmelt have formed this landscape with its own character. Lakes, forests and hedgerow fields have given this area its name “Stormarner Schweiz”. In the heart of the “Stormarner Schweiz” are the 3 beautiful lakes Großensee, Lütjensee and Mönchsteich.

The town Großensee was founded by Hamburg noblemen and documentary mentioned the first time in 1248. Water, forests, prominent estates of red brick stone, cobblestone pavement and a village pond in the old centre give this place a unique charm which invites visitors to pause and linger. Only a stone’s throw away from the city of Hamburg.

At the south beach of the lake is a natural swimming-bath, our camping ground and some restaurants. There is an island with a little forest in the Southern part of the lake. A walk or a bicycle tour around the lake is worthwhile and always recommendable. Of course, you want to start at the camping ground.
If you walk at the reed bays of the Eastern banks you will find another magnificent bathing beach in the North.

Passing old estates you return at the Western banks to the old village centre. After you have surrounded the 6.5 km lake you should reward yourself at the inn “Alter Dorfkrug”. Follow the cobblestone pavement and you will directly reach this characteristic brick-lined inn.
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