Auf diesen Bildern sehen Sie: das Holstentor in Lübeck, Ratzeburg, das Ahrensburger Schloss,Mölln, das Bismark Museum und Umgebung

More Tips

Even more places of excursions with the car, with the bike or on foot

Destinations with the car

Beside all the destinations which we have recommended to you on the sites Großensee, Stormarn and Hamburg you can have a look at the following:

Top 5 day trips with the car

1 Lübeck - Hanseatic city and world cultural heritage at the Baltic Sea (50 km away)
One of the highlights is the medieval city centre of this Hanseatic city.

2 Ratzeburg - Charming city in the heart of Lauenburg lake plateau (35 km away)
Five lakes tour in the Ratzeburg lakescape, visit the cathedral, go with a hand car . Tip: Ice-cream parlour at the palace's meadow close to the lake - a must not only for motor cyclists

3 Friedrichsruh - On the traits of Otto von Bismarck (15 km away)
Visit the museum of Bismarck and the popular butterfly garden of the Bismarck family. Every year 80,000 visitors are attracted by Germany's oldest butterfly garden in the Sachsenwald.

4 Mölln (30 km away)
On the traits of Till Eulenspiegel

5 Bad Segeberg - the famous Karl-May festivals (45 km away)
One of Europe's most beautiful open-air theatres. Visit the flowstone cave.

Other interesting destinations in the region:

Tremsbüttel castle and its gardens (20 km away)
Boberg dunes: a unique dunes landscape right in Hamburg
Baroque park Jersberg with its ice cellars (18 km away)
Barockpark und Eiskeller Jersbek (18 km away)
Duvenstedter Brook (25 km away). A forest adventure of its own kind.
The wind mill in Braak (7 km away) Sightseeing of the wind mill every Saturday between 10 and 12 a.m.
Canoeing on Hamburg's beautiful canals (Alsterläufe)
Various guided tours in Hamburg
Potato festival in Wankendorf

Destinations at foot and with the bike

Top 3 destinations with the bike

1 Cycling around the three lakes plateau
Start at the camping ground Großensee - east shore Großensee - northern beach Großensee - northern Beach Lütjensee - stop at the Italian ice cream parlour "Il Lago" - return to Großensee Or start from Lütjensee along the interesting bike trail on the former railroad to Glinde and then return to Großensee (this tour is 25 kilometres long)

2 Cycling in Hahnheide (tour around 15 kilometres)
To the look-out "Langer Otto". Have a stop-over in Trittau (ice-cream parlour and water mill, Napoleon's bridge)

3 Cycling to the village museum in Hoisdorf.
Ideal: a stop-over at Sieker's church

This is always a highlight: the old railroad tracks, e. g. from Glinde to Trittau

At foot

Top1 Hiking around the three lakes plateau of Stormarn

A classic tour: a walk around the lake Großensee. The way is signposted. You start at the camping ground Großensee. Walk along the open air bath to the Eastern banks of Großensee - Northern beach Großensee - pass the waterworks - across the Pfefferberg to the picturesque village Großensee. Turn left at the village pond at "Am Soll" in the old village centre. he grand farmyard "Am Soll Nr. 1" is worth to look at. FYou should reward yourself for the 6.5 kilometres lakeshore walk visiting the inn "Alter Dorfkrug". The cobble stone pavement leads to a clinker building typical for this region. You can take a rest in the lime tree covered beer garden. Then, return to the camping ground along the old church alley along lush horse pastures and our lovely lake.

You will always find beautiful tracks and passages on your trips in Großensee. In our village, at our lake and in our countryside.
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